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The Sensory Department conducts research studies that generally evaluate the acceptability of new products or alternative formulations of existing products for the client.

Sensory Evaluation is a scientific discipline used to measure and analyze human responses to the characteristics of food such as taste, color, aroma and general appearance.  I-View usually conducts this type of test in Central Locations where potential respondents are screened for eligibility.  The team conducts these studies nationwide.  The company has been conducting Sensory Evaluation since its inception in 2002 and considers this study as one of its major areas of strengths and expertise.

5 Types of Research undertaken by the Sensory Department

is to test one product.
is the testing procedure that exposes the test products to the respondent one after the other or in sequence.
is the type of research that is usually done in combinations/pairs or per legs.
determines whether there is a statistically significant preference between two products for a given population of respondents.
compares the paired values, matched pairs or “before and after” measures.