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The Sensory Department conducts research studies that generally evaluate the acceptability of new products or alternative formulations of existing products for the client.

Sensory Evaluation is a scientific discipline used to measure and analyze human responses to the characteristics of food such as taste, color, aroma and general appearance.  I-View usually conducts this type of test in Central Locations where potential respondents are screened for eligibility.  The team conducts these studies nationwide.  The company has been conducting Sensory Evaluation since its inception in 2002 and considers this study as one of its major areas of strengths and expertise.

  • Monadic Test is to test one product.
  • Sequential Monadic Test is the testing procedure that exposes the test products to the respondent one after the other or in sequence.
  • Round Robin Test is the type of research that is usually done in combinations/pairs or per legs.
  • Paired Preference Test determines whether there is a statistically significant preference between two products for a given population of respondents.
  • Match Paired or Preference Ranks Test compares the paired values, matched pairs or “before and after” measures.

Business Development

Business Development’s (BD) primary function is to introduce the I-View and its services to its potential research partner. The company refers to its clients as research partners in order to build a close working relationship and for them to view the I-View as a reliable company for their research needs. BD is tasked to ensure that the agency will be the locally preferred Market Research Agency in the country.

Business Development (BD) is also responsible for growing the business by offering research studies to its potential research partners such as the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Electronics Industry, Gadgets, Technology, Consumer Durables and more. I-View offers its services to all domestic corporations and clients offshore with the understanding that the study will be done in the Philippine setting. Through the years, I-View has successfully acquired accounts through word of mouth and referrals or testimonials of past and existing satisfied clients.

Business Development

Account Services

The Account Services team is the communication link between the client and the company. They are the faces and voices of I-View; conducting client meetings and informing or updating the client regarding project status. The team oversees and heads project implementation in coordination with the Field and Data Processing teams. They prepare the necessary materials and reports to the client. By the end of each project, the Account Executive usually presents the report to the client and makes sure that all deliverables are sent to them. Furthermore, the Account Executive is also in charge of conducting project evaluation and acquiring project clearance from the client.

ADHOC (Integrated Field, Data Processing and Quality Control Department)

The Adhoc Department is in charge of the overall management and supervision of all qualitative and quantitative projects/studies of the company as endorsed by the Accounts Services team.  They ensure the smooth implementation of all the studies based on approved guidelines and are responsible for the quality and integrity of all data collected from the field and the data they will generate for report writing or encoded on an online link provided by client.





The department is also responsible for the continuous hiring and training of field researchers and encoders who work exclusively for I-View.  Adhoc has a pool of dedicated researchers nationwide who speak various dialects and languages and who could recruit and interview respondents across demographics.

Finance & Administration

Finance makes sure that I-View remains financially healthy and stable and sets out to ensure that the Agency will always be a good corporate citizen by “giving to the government what is due the government and giving to its people what is due its people and more, when the company is able.”

Admin on the other hand hires the personnel that are best suited for I-View’s culture, making sure “the fit is good”.  Not exactly by design, but the agency’s people are generally young, in their mid to late-20’s, are very dedicated and have carved their career on market research.  I-View sends its people to training whenever these are available and conducts team building activities every year.