Vergie F. Yabes, Vice President for Finance

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Virgie Yabes

As Vice President of Finance, Ms Vergie F. Yabes is responsible for the company’s financial management. Under her leadership as the financial officer, Ms. Yabes ensures the maintenance and stability of the financial health of I-View.

She is responsible for all governmental obligations of the company, making sure that I-View remits all employee premiums and taxes to all government institutions on time.  I-View has been a proud corporate citizen of the Philippines since its inception due to the diligence and strict adherence of Ms Yabes to financial guidelines and fundamentals.

As a professional, Ms Yabes has dedicated most of her professional career in banking and finance. She spent decades of her professional life working in the banking industry. Her expertise includes but is not limited to loan generation, processing, and bank operations.

“I-View is a good corporate citizen,” Ms Yabes said when asked what she is most proud of about I-View. “Always has been, always will be.  And because of that, our employees have benefited from the benefits these government institutions provide when they need it.”

Having been born and raised in the northern part of the Philippines, Ms Yabes is fluent in the Ilocano dialect. Ms Yabes is very active in the community most especially in her church, where she enjoys teaching Sunday school.