Rachelyn B. Aquino, Sensory Department Manager

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Ms Rachelyn Aquino leads the Agency’s Sensory Department which serves its partners in the research and development of their consumer products.  The department has engaged long-term partnerships with several food manufacturers in the Philippines.

As the head of the Sensory Department, Ms. Aquino ensures the successful management of all the on-going projects in the department.  She has mastered the art of assessment, testing and evaluation of consumer products using the human senses.  She is instrumental in maintaining a pool of highly trained and dedicated Field Researchers who adhere to the strictest standards of sensory evaluation and testing.

Ms Aquino is a testament to the company’s culture of training and opportunities.  She initially joined the company in 2007 as a field researcher on a daily basis.  Through her great work ethic, dedication and loyalty to her work, she rose to be a part of the management team of the company in 2012.

As a leader, Ms Aquino has motivated and produced many team leaders who have become Field Supervisors.  She constantly mentors her staff and encourages them to be the best they could be.  “I am very encouraged to prepare these young professionals for advancement in their career”, she brags.  “I want them to move up in their career ladder as I did.  As I-View afforded me the chance.” 

She is a 2003 graduate of the University of Rizal System Angono Campus.  She holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.