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Ghee Maroon

As the Managing Director, Ms Gigi Maroon brings to I-View her management and leadership skills and leads I-View in achieving its goal of providing employment to the young men and women of the country who have chosen market research as their career. Her extensive experience in financial management and human resources development provides I-View added strength to execute the strategic plans of the company. As the chief managing officer of the company, Ms Maroon oversees the execution of the business plan, financial administration, and staff management of I-View.  She interacts and collaborates with staff at all levels with great efficiency and operates with an “open-door policy.”

As finance officer for the previous companies she worked for, Ms Maroon was responsible for planning, developing and implementing strategies for finance and office operations. She was also responsible in managing and controlling budget expenditure. She also negotiated contracts for tenants as a commercial leasing head.

“I wake up each morning excited and ready to go to work,” she said when asked what the single driving force is that energizes her to lead I-View.  “Because I know that I have a team that is very dedicated to their work, a team that does not only know what they are doing but loves what they are doing.  That is rare these days.  A leader is encouraged like that.”

As office administrator, Ms Maroon used to establish and maintain appropriate systems for measuring necessary aspects of general operations and contributed to the formulation of policies and strategies. She was also responsible in the recruitment and training of new staff and managed internal communications and awareness of corporate direction and activities.

Ms Maroon was the Chief Finance Officer/Chief Admin & HR Officer/Commercial Leasing Division Head of Landexcel Consulting, Inc. for ten (10) years prior to her move to I-View.

Ms Maroon was Accountant for Lica Management, Inc. (Limcauco Group of Companies) from January 1992 to June 1994. She was also Auditor for Carlos J. Valdes & Company (Affiliates of Coopers & Lybrand) from January 1987 to December 1991.

As an accountant and auditor, Ms Maroon was responsible in the preparation and reporting of accounting papers as per regulatory and BIR requirements, preparation of monthly bank reconciliation statements and internal financial statements, analyzed cost and expenses and performed internal audit.

Ms Maroon holds a degree in Business Administration (Major in Accounting) and graduated from the Philippine School of Business Administration in Quezon City in 1986.