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Ara Balaoro

Ms Ara Balaoro rose from the ranks as Field Researcher in 2004 to become I-View’s Operations Manager in 2011. Her biggest contribution to the continuing success of the company is her unquestionable commitment, professionalism and dedication to her work. She is equipped with admirable work ethic that is seldom seen in professionals her age.   Ms Balaoro is the epitome of I-View’s vision and mission where an opportunity was provided, taken and successfully realized.  She is looked up to by the younger researchers who hope to become like her as well one day.

As Operations Manager, Ms Balaoro oversees all agency services from the crafting of research proposals to the completion of each and every research study. She ensures the efficient delivery of company products and services.

A well-rounded professional, Ms Balaoro was instrumental in launching I-View’s partnership with 7-Eleven.  She heads the nationwide mystery shopping study for all the 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines, which begun in 2007 and continues to date. She also manages the successful conduct of the ongoing advertising tracking studies, retail audits, home usage tests and central location tests for the company’s various clients.

“We speak to tens of thousands of consumers each year,” Ms Balaoro replied, when asked what the most challenging part of the research process is.  “It seems easy to find them with more than 95 million Filipinos but we ‘look’ for the select few nationwide, across demographics, from different regions of the country, who will qualify for the studies.” 

Asked to explain, she laughed, “It is the most challenging because the respondent qualifications are becoming more stringent yet you have budgets to consider.  But it is the most fun too.  There is nothing like knowing the minds of the consumers.  That is a wealth of knowledge.”

As the company’s former data processing supervisor, she was responsible for encoding, processing, and analyzing data results of all studies done by the agency.

As fieldwork supervisor, she made sure that all projects were implemented according to the partners’ needs. She was also responsible for the quality and integrity of the data released to clients.

Ms Balaoro is a graduate of the Philippine School of Business Administration. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Management. She is highly skilled in most computer applications and passes her in-depth understanding of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences or SPSS to the data processing group.