Core Competencies

  • Field researchers and encoders working exclusively for I-View
  • Does not sub-contract field work and data processing, thus quality control is guaranteed
  • Continuously undergo training not just on skills needed for field work and data processing, but also regarding market research and marketing as a whole
  • Young, career-driven, and eager to learn due to potential growth/promotion within the company
  • Established network of field researchers/recruiters for all demographics
  • Established partnerships with research agencies in the region
Compared to multinational research companies in the Philippines, clients get better value for their investment with the same quality of output
Being a lean organization with a comparatively flat administrative structure, Agency boasts of faster turnaround time and flexibility in administrative and executive procedures/decision making
Indicative of the quality of agency output and client servicing
Agency knows the need and use of research from the client’s perspective due to management’s comprehensive and wide-ranging experience in business management, finance, media, advertising and marketing consultancy.
Client investment stays in the Philippines and helps provide employment opportunities to young Filipinos which is the rationale behind I-View’s vision.